About Us

Mistergreen Lawncare & Landscaping is a family owned and operated business for over 20 years, our company has been serving many customers in Kansas City and surrounding areas making our customers’ lawn expectations a reality.  We will help you with redesigning your landscape or just simply maintaining your lawncare needs!

Discover how affordable and easy the path to a beautiful lawn can be.

We handle all residential and commercial lawn care projects

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Lawn Care Maintenance

Turn to MisterGreen Landscaping & Lawncare, we handle all residential and commercial lawn care projects.


Your lawn won’t turn beautiful on its own, that’s why you need the professionals at MisterGreen Landscaping & Lawncare to take over for you.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

When you’re looking for efficient spring and fall cleanup services, our local family owned business is your first choice.

Yard Drainage & French Drains

Do you have water pooling up in your yard? If so, you may want to install an effective yard drainage system.

Sprinkler System Installation & Design

MisterGreen Landscaping & Lawncare offers garden irrigation services throughout Kansas City and surrounding areas.


Great benefit of hardscaping is that it allows more room for creative landscaping. Since paved areas can support structures that will only cause erosion on bare soil.

Fence Installation and Repair

If you are looking for a fence for added privacy and security. Let our professional staff bring your vision to life.

Landscape Lighting Service

Tree Growth Adjustments, Sockets Service, Lens Cleaning Aiming Fixture & Battery Change.